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500 Blankets for Winter
Monday, 18th April 2011



NPO 037-504






Every year as the leaves start changing colours and drop from the trees, we feel a little nip in the air and we know only too well that it is time to head for the shops to update our winter wardrobes and stock up on soup. We take for granted the luxury of electric blankets, heaters and under floor warmth. We have no idea how special it is to simply have refuge from the cold!


The People for Ukajede Foundation are faced with the same challenge every winter – how to keep 500 children warm in a manner which is safe, practical and affordable.


The People for Ukajede Foundation was started in 2004 and is a non-profit organisation (NPO 037-504) which seeks to improve pre-school education for underprivileged children. This enables them to be school ready and achieve the most out of their schooling career. “Ukajede” is an acronym for the 5 informal settlements in which the foundation operates, namely; Ulana; Kanana; Angelo; Jerusalem and Delmore – all situated in the East of Johannesburg. These settlements have an estimated total population of 80 000 inhabitants living in crude shacks without any sewerage, electricity, running water, garbage collection, healthcare or schools. A large percentage of the shacks house families with no adults. The eldest child, usually not older than 10 years of age, has to try and find food and also protect the younger children.


The Ukajede Foundation supports 9 crèches in this informal settlement; supplying each school with the means to prepare a warm meal for each child daily, stationery; cleaning material and maintenance assistance.


As winter draws nearer and the barometer drops so the conditions in the crèches worsen. Getting to school to attend a formal class is near impossible due to the distraction of cold and hunger. As electric heaters are not an option and paraffin/ gas stoves are unsafe, we have undertaken to provide a blanket for each and every child in the crèches.

After approaching Pick ‘n Pay with our concept, we have secured a discount on the retail price of blankets with an additional discount for bulk purchase. Our aim is to raise R10 600 in order to purchase the 500 blankets needed.

We hope that a warm tummy and some warmth inside and out with a meal and blanket will help a bit towards alleviating some of the home responsibilities and help them to concentrate on their lessons.


You can help by making a small donation into our bank account:



Bank Details : First National Bank

Branch : Park Place East

Acc. Name : “People for Ukajede” Foundation

Acc. No : 62069564237

Branch Code : 252605



D Jonker; L Marshall; I Mabilu; G Sekoati; S Bawden
View Point Road, Bartlett, Boksburg
Tel: 011 897 0000 | Fax: 011 897 0001



For information, contact Thembi Ntuli (Co-ordinator) or Deidre Jonker (Chair) tel: 011 897 0000.


For images and more information contact:


Deidré Jonker
Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator
Birchwood Hotel & O R Tambo Conference Centre
Tel: +27 (0)11 897 0112 (direct)
Fax: +27 (0)11 897 0004
E-Fax: 0866 303 926


BannerThe Children of Jerusalem crèche receiving Christmas presents December 2010















The conditions in which the children of Ukajede live


BannerThe entrance to Happiness crèche


The ‘People of Ukajede’ Foundation is listed as a Non-Profit organization under NGO number 037-504. The office is located at the Birchwood Hotel, Viewpoint Street, Bartlett, Boksburg.
Tel: (011) 897 0000
Fax: (011) 897 0001
Address: Viewpoint Road, Bartlett, Boksburg.
Postal Address: PO Box 1106, OR Tambo International Airport, 1627
Chair: Deidre Jonker | | (011) 897 0112
Co-ordinator: Thembi Ntuli| | (011) 897 0142

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