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Wednesday, 11th May 2011
Planning to cycle to Louis Trichardt end of MAY. Hosting 4 ventures to raise Funds for "Cycling for Old Age Homes".
To make things interesting:
  • Will be using a 1900 year OLD bike, 6 speed Peugeot.
  • I will be Mr Postman, delivering Postcards and Magazines. (CT > JHB or JHB > CT).
  • I promise to cycle 1900KM in 7 DAYS, (270km / day) & race, then RETURN, Again 1900KM in 7 days. Total distance is 4000 KM over 14 days.
  • Postcard (limited to 50 postcards) R20.00 EA Personal delivery (CT > JHB or JHB > CT).
  • Magazine or Book / Parcel delivery service. ( limited to 50 Parcels). R50.00 EA (CT > JHB or JHB > CT).
  • Raffle (limited to 100 tickets) R100.00 EA Waiting on confirmation of Prizes.
  • Bid per KM, 4000KM. Bidding starts @ R0.20 / KM = R800.00 ( limited to 25 Bidders).
Day 1 Lainsburg. 295KM. WP
Day 2 Three Sisters Garage. 290KM. Karoo
Day 3 Colesberg. 250KM. Karoo
Day 4 Bloemfontein. 240KM.
Day 5 Vanderbijlpark. 330KM. GP
Day 6 Naboomspruit. 290KM.
Day 7 Louis Trichardt. 230KM.
Day 1 SUN 5th Naboomspruit
Day 2 MON 6th Vanderbijlpark
Day 3 TUE 7th Bloemfontein
Day 4 WED 8th Colesberg
Day 5 THUR 9th Three Sisters Garage
Day 6 FRI 10th Lainsburg
Day 7 Louis Trichardt. 230KM.
Please support any of the Ventures and tell a friend.
You can look 4 me in,
Google (david kleynhans)
Facebook (FRAIL.Cycling)
Twitter (Frail)
The Hub (Frail)
or give me a Shout
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