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Running for the next generation

Fund Target : R 100,000.00
Achieved to Date : R 134,962.00

Starts On : 01-Apr-2011
Ends On : 23-Jun-2011
All donations to this campaign will go towards this charity:
The Malka Ella Fertility Fund
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Donated by David Abamowitz
Says: Well done!!!
19 June 2011
Donated by Kahlberg Family
Says: Well done all runners
31 May 2011
Donated by Natalie Solomon
Says: Lior Goldstein
28 May 2011
Donated by Peter Williams
Says: good luck to all the MAPG runners
27 May 2011
Donated by Glenn Silverman
Says: Donation for Malka Ella
26 May 2011

Our Personal Message

The Comrades Marathon is arguably the greatest ultra marathon in the world where athletes come from all over the globe to combine muscle and sinew and mental strength to conquer the approx 90 kilometres between the cities of Pietermaritzburg and Durban. It is a cherished national treasure and attracts thousands of runners, spectators and television viewers every year. As with this long and strenuous journey with its hills and valleys, so too is the journey of many Jewish couples struggling with the painful experience of infertility. Added to the physical and emotional journey comes the financial burden associated with this journey. A group of dedicated Comrades runners have identified The Malka Ella Fertility Fund as a worthwhile cause for which they will run The Comrades Marathon and raise the needed funding. In addition these runners would like to show their gratitude to Chabad North Coast in Umhlanga for the years of dedication and support on and off the road towards the Jewish Comrades runners. The funds raised will be dedicated towards the building of a much required women’s mikvah at the Chabad House in Umhlanga.
The Malka Ella Fertility Fund
The birth of a child is a miracle. For those who are able to conceive naturally it might even be taken for granted. For those who face the challenge of infertility it is a heartrending struggle. Today unfortunately, physical, spiritual and emotional pain is exacerbated by the financial pressure endured by these couples in their quest to achieve parenthood. Nine years ago a devoted group of Jewish men and women realized the need for a community fund to provide Jewish couples with financial assistance and emotional support. This was the beginning of the Malka Ella Fertility Fund. To date, the Fund has financed and supported numerous fertility and adoption procedures which have resulted in more than 88 babies being born or adopted. Our Sages urge us to utilize every possible facility available to have children and create a Jewish family. The Malka Ella Fertility Fund believes that financial constraints should never be an obstacle in achieving this dream.
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