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Alphonso Slinger

Fund Target : R 10,000,000.00
Achieved to Date : R 0.00

Starts On : 01-May-2010
Ends On : 01-May-2011
All donations to this campaign will go towards this charity:
Christain Benevolent Society
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Thank you for your support. The centre shall greatly assist the CBS in achieving all of its objectives.
Christain Benevolent Society
Definition of Community A process, of an association of people, with common life, who may or may not live in the same neighbourhood. Acknowledging the term ‘term of interest’, to and for the benefit of the people part or as a whole. Definition of Community Development It’s the process, whereby resources are mobilized both inside and outside the community for the protection, support and enrichment of individuals of groups being part of the whole. The process of striving for the benefit of the community, by ensuring full participatory grassroots democracy to enable, individuals to develop their various talents and interests. Aims • To Honour the name of our GOD, our Lord and Creator. • CBS to be the vehicle for Christians to give expression to their faith (James 2:14 – “ Faith without good works is nothing”) • We believe that Christians have a moral obligation to ensure God’s divine will be done. • Thus we obey one of the greatest commandments Love thine neighbour as thine self. • To empower the human race through Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Values • Faith – based organization, strongly rooted in the principles of Christ. • Sensitive to the needs of the broader Christian community. • Open, transparent and accountable. • As brethren in Christ we do not discriminate against any person, group or creed, as we are all craven in his image. • Acknowledgement that, the individual’s capacity for growth and development depends on his active participation with his fellows. • Respecting the individual for his beliefs, his ability to reach decisions and to build his own life as God intended. • To ensure a society that thrives on interplay between leadership, organization and freedom. Organization: Christian Benevolent Society Implementing Person: Mr. A. Slinger Project Objectives The long- term objective of CBS is the promotion, of sustainable development (self- reliance, resilience) amongst the Christian community of our society and indeed the world. We have declared war on all social evils and we live by the principle of I am my brother’s keeper. Furthermore a developmental approach requires a holistic approach that the person, family, group, or community functions within a social, economic and political environment. Therefore, collaboration with all stakeholders is essential and this includes, but is not limited to Government, Corporations and individuals who share our vision and aspiration. Organizational and Project Background The Christian Benevolent Society is a company registered under the sec. 21 Companies Act. It is a newly formed company, founded and guided by Christian principles. We are a faith- based organization, which promotes Christian values and ethics in all spheres of life. The company actively promotes networking and linking of Christians and various organizations, we also encourage a more effective mobilization of churches and Christians, by means of information dissemination and mobilization. The aim is to be a voice and a catalyst for change. What we would like to achieve We want to bring about attitudinal changes of individuals and groups within the broader community. By stimulating people’s resourcefulness, to respond to situations of poverty and preparing them for God’s imminent plan of prosperity as promised in Jeremiah 29:11. To unlock opportunities, to enhance access to resources, that will maximize resilience, self-reliance and sustainable livelihood. Bringing the message of hope and salvation to the destitute by being actively involved in the transformation of the individual, group and community. We shall be the wall of righteousness as in Ezekiel 22:30. To propel the community, through maximizing its core driving force, the well- being of individuals and groups, by alleviating risk factors that prevent individuals and groups of achieving maximum levels of resilience and self- reliance. To facilitate reintegration, into mainstream society and to ensure responsible choices about harmful life situations, by raising group awareness. Our intention is to guide them through an orderly and participative progression from marginalized, towards growth and job- creation and spiritual well - being.
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