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  Reg No : NPO 024/142

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4 Ararat St, Westdene, 2092
South Africa

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Mrs..Samantha Skyring
Ph: 084 555 0239

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Charity Overview

Drumming and yoga workshops in rural and disadvantaged schools as tools for youth empowerment and upliftment. Building confidence and self-esteem and creating positive energy.

Identifying talented youth to be trained as facilitators. Supplying instruments to create sustaiable workshops in each community.

•Move educators and learners from being passive inheritors of culture to being active participants.
•Provide exposure to music, African Heritage and cultural traditions creating traditional pride and building a strong foundation for personal development
•Develop an awareness of national culture to promote nation building.
•Provide access to Arts & Culture education for educators and learners as part of redressing historical imbalances and reaffirmation of indigenous knowledge systems.
•Provide opportunities to develop usable skills, attitudes and values in Arts & Culture that can prepare learners for life, living and lifelong learning.
•Develop entrepreneurial opportunities for dance/ theatre/ music performances.
•Introduce poetry that promotes values important for personal development and which also ensures the development of value-based national South African identity.
•Encourage a creative spirit within the community through the use of music and poetry
•Promote emotional healing, including anger and stress management
•Inspire youths to use their drum skills as an opportunity for income generation within the tourism, entertainment & corporate sector
•Cultivate talents for future job opportunities in the music & entertainment industries.

•Strengthened co-ordination & flexibility through specific exercises and movements.
•Improved breathing patterns.
•Self-respect, self-confidence and self-expression by their participating in new activities, which provide children the opportunity to achieve in something new.
• Discipline, created through concentration and focus.
• Teamwork through playing music together as a group.
• Communication development through the experience of communicating through rhythm.
• Balancing right & left brain hemispheres, which enhances logical, mathematical, scientific and the creative, artistic aspects of the individual.
• Building immunity (researched higher production of T-cells)
• Motivation & inspiration through mentorship.
• Building stamina, stability and balance.
• Skills development and training through advanced training retreats.
• Having fun, feeling positive and providing opportunities for emotional healing.
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