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Mr..Kevin Banks
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Charity Overview

TenMen is all about giving hope through employment, and enriching the lives of many men throughout South Africa who do not have regular work.

TenMen offers job assistance, support, training and encouragement to all men who want to find any kind of manual labour work, through listing their details on our website where organisations will hire teams for various projects.

We act as the facilitator between organizations and workers and aim to make the process of hiring workers and, on the other end of the scale, finding work with organizations hassle free.

A team of workers is adopted by an organisation and their progress is tracked and monitored on each organisation’s own TenMen page. This process makes getting a good team of workers much easier for any kind of project that an organisation would have such as gardening work, building work, painting work, and more.

We also act in a mentorship role where we help our partner organizations to encourage their team of workers to work smarter and harder. We teach good work ethics and provide the correct training so that any organisation can help certain promising workers to eventually run their own service companies.

TenMen, along with the support of organizations, promotes personal growth and improvement, encouragement, empowerment, and employment for all South African men.
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