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  Reg No : 2006/032287/06

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Room 259 Second floor Children's Memorial Institute 13 Joubert Street ext Braamfontein
South Africa

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Miss..Thulusile Hlungwani
Ph: 011 484 9456

Website: http:// 
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Donate R67 for Mandela Day 16 July 2013
  Donate R67 towards an hour of therapy for a child severely disabled by Cerebral Palsy for Mandela Day. Or donate R670 for tend days worth of therapy for a child with Cerebral Palsy.
Support our cause 16 July 2013
  On the 1st of September 2013, Misty and Dylan Weyer will be setting off on a cycling journey across South Africa and Lesotho in order to raise funds for children with Cerebral Palsy. The route is called “Riding the Dragon’s Spine”. The Dragon’s Spine is a 4 000km ride from Beit Bridge to Cape Town via the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. The route is predominantly off-road and will take approximately 65 days of riding to complete. They will ride unsupported to raise funds for Malamulele Onward and Greensleeves Place of Safety. Ten percent of all funds raised will go to an NPO based in East London called Greensleeves Place of Safety, which aims to provide holistic residential care for abandoned and abused children. Malamulele Onward will get 90 percent of the funds raised, this NPO is based in Johannesburg and it offers specialized services, equipment and Carer to Carer training to poorly-resourced rural areas of South Africa and Lesotho, where children severely disabled by cerebral palsy have little or no access to rehabilitation therapy and equipment. If you believe that Cerebral Palsy is a cause for adventure you may join the couple on one of the craziest most inspiring events of the year. We would like to encourage anyone who would like to support the couple as they plunge into the wilderness to visit their website http ://groupspaces . com/DragonsSpine4CP/ or contact Malamulele Onward. To complete this cycle the couple need to raise R61670.00. Misty and Dylan plan to make every effort to keep the costs as low as possible. If riding is your hobby of choice then you are more than welcome to raise R1000 towards the cause and join the couple for a section of the route. You can help this couple minimize costs and maximize fundraising for the NPO’s is by offering to host them during one of their overnight stops so they don’t have to pay for commercial accommodation. In the event that only part of the sponsorship is spent, the remaining funds will go directly to the NPOs to form part of the donations raised through the event. Here are some ideas on how you can support this event: 1.Donate a single amount towards the cause Donate an amount per stage of the event that is completed Raise R1000 towards the cause and join us for a section of the route Host us for one of our overnight stops For more information about the event, donation options and our planned route information please go to http ://groupspaces . com/DragonsSpine4CP/. Any donations made through the site are secure and managed by PayPal. For more information on Malamulele Onward please visit the websites listed below. Malamulele Onward: malamulelelogo Non Profit Organization No: 056 – 807 – NPO Public Benefit Organization No: 9300 25084

Charity Overview

Malamulele Onward is a non-profit organisation based in Johannesburg that offers specialised therapy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy) services, equipment and caregiver training to poorly-resourced rural areas of South Africa and Lesotho, where children severely disabled by cerebral palsy have little or no access to rehabilitation therapy and equipment.

Malamulele Onward started as a project in Malamulele, South Africa in 2005. It is the culmination of the vision of Dr. Gillian Saloojee, a physiotherapist who specializes in dealing with children with cerebral palsy. She found, in her review of health services in rural areas of South Africa, that the skills needed to treat children with CP were severely lacking. Working with friends and associates, she made a commitment to change the situation. The result is a Board of Directors, who are actively involved in the daily reality of keeping Malamulele Onward viable, therapists who volunteer their time and skills in order to make the various projects happen and many other volunteers who assist behind the scenes.

In addition Malamulele Onward is engaged in leading-edge research to further knowledge on what works best in providing rehabilitation therapy and equipment for children with CP in rural areas.

Malamulele Onward is registered as a Section 21 (not-for-profit) Company in South Africa. It is registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organization and is also recognized by the South African Revenue Services as a Public Benefit Organization.
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