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Welcome to iSupport

Welcome to iSupport, the community of charity organisations and those that support them. This is where you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.


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iSupport Letter to Donors

iSupport Is Looking for New Donors and Causes


There are many worthwhile causes that need the help and support of generous people. iSupport has the answer! This online community aims to put donors and causes in touch with each other, allowing charities to benefit greatly from the backing and financial aid that these donors provide. As a donor, you can benefit from the excellent standing you get from supporting a great cause, thereby boosting your business and personal reputation.


iSupport is Looking for Charities and Causes


If you have a charity that you would like to promote, iSupport provides the perfect platform to do this. Whatever your cause, if you have a genuine need for funding, volunteers, or help, you can find plenty of willing and generous donors in the iSupport database. Additionally, if you want to start a campaign, it is simple to do this from the member's area, where it will then go out on the system to all the donors.


How Does It Work?


iSupport is free to join! All you have to do is submit your charity organisation or fundraising cause to the site to start getting donors to contact you. We, in no way guarantee acceptance to the site, nor do we guarantee any funds. However, we make every endeavour to include all admirable causes and plights, and allow anyone to join who wishes to provide any form of assistance.


iSupport Is Looking for Donors


If you want to do your bit for society, and aid a personal cause or charity, then becoming an iSupporter is ideal. Being a donor means that your name will be listed in our database and you will get to view all the different charities and campaigns that are on the iSupport website. As a donor you can volunteer your time, your services, your products, or your money towards any cause or charity organisation listed on the site. Any help you would like to offer will be greatly appreciated.


How Does It Work?


It is free to sign up as a donor on iSupport! Simply add your details and you will get immediate access to the various charities, fundraising causes, and campaigns that you can become a supporter of. We do not guarantee any of the information of the causes listed on iSupport; we merely act as a platform to facilitate in the linking of donors and charities.


Create your Own Campaign


As a donor or member of the iSupport site, you can also start your own campaign in order to raise money for the charity of your choice. If you have a great idea for a fundraising event, or charitable campaign, all you have to do is create it from your member's area and it will appear instantly on iSupport for all fellow donors to see and donate money or assistance to.

iSupport offers the best community platform where donors can connect easily with causes and charities. It is unique, it is effective, and it is the perfect way to find and offer support for worthy organisations.


Join the iSupport community now to become part of something bigger!


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