Break Free Quarantine zone

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Break Free is a drug and rehabilitation center based in Cullinan near Pretoria. They do some amazing work with recovery from drug addiction. They have a problem now in that they are in lockdown due to the virus and cannot take on any new patients as they have no quarantine zone. They are asking for donations to help fund a mobile home that they can set up and use as a quarantine center for new patients people that need assistance. THE MISSION OF BREAK FREE Break Free is a non-profit company in association with the FCCA-Int (Fellowship of Christian Churches in Africa). There is a full board of directors to ensure due diligence at all times Break Free has put together a rehabilitation programme to help and guide addicts that struggle to break the habit of substance abuse. Break Free have put an in the ­-patient programme in place, by taking what it’s day to day counsellor/s have learned,some from personal experiences at rehabilitation centres they attended, and others by their professional services at these centres. Break Free will use what it found worked and what did not for addicts. Break Free lays in the heart of the Rayton/Cullinan district. It is a farm with fresh air, open spaces and hard farm work rebuilding the old farm structures and working the land. It shows the promise of God’s word and instruction.