Why iSupport.co.za

iSupport is a web site with the end care in mind. We have stream lined the process of making donations to your respective cause organisations. We have also set up an iSupporter section where users can sign up and start campaigns to raise funds for their cause organisations or users can make donations directly to their cause organisations of choice using their credit card.

I am a cause organisations what does it cost me?

It is free to sign up and we welcome you to our site. There are no set up costs to you and the cause organisations nor any monthly costs. The only charge you bear is a service fee of 10% of any donation that is made to your charity. So all it costs you is a small service fee so you only pay money when you receive money. This includes the merchant and back charges for the transaction..

Great! How do I sign up as a cause organisation?

On the front page you see a link sign up under cause organisation login or click here

Can I track our cause organisation’s donations?

Yes you certainly can, once you are logged in as a cause organisation you are able to see what donations have been made, when and how much.

Then what happens?

Your cause is called and vetted against the details you have supplied. Once you have been accepted on the web site you will receive an email and supports will be able to set up campaigns and make donations to your cause organisations.

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a fund raising event. You can have family and friends sign up and make donations via your campaign to your selected care organisation. So do it for charity and sign up your own campaign today.

What do I get for running a campaign?

You as an isupported are raising money for the cause organisations of your choice. The monies raised are for the cause organisations, you get no remuneration for running a campaign. Hey this is for cause organisations and we need more people doing things to help them.

Who owns iSupport.co.za?

iSupport.co.za is owned and run by Elula Online. You can read more about it here

Is the payment page on iSupport secure?

Yes isupport does not store any credit cards on their servers at all. All payments are processed via the Payfast payment gateway one of the leaders in facilitating online payments.

Setting Up Payfast Account

Payfast has split payment, as soon as the client pays the money will be split between the admin and the campaigner.

Admin receives 10% and the campaigner receives 90%.

It is imperative to enblable split payment on your Payfast acoount see below instructions.

> If you have an account but do not have integration option you need to upgrade your account to Individual or Business Account.
> Complete the upgrade requirements

Settings > Integration > Split Payment > Edit > Enable